Since the mid 1980s, Keck-Craig has undertaken an increasing number of projects in medical, dental and biotech areas. The firm handles the critical steps between initial concept or lab bench assembly and the final stage where a product is fully tested and ready for manufacture and distribution to hospitals, clinics or patients.

All design, developmental testing and fabrication is under one roof in a confidential environment. Activities include design and fabrication of production machinery as well as development and prototyping of devices and instrumentation. Patents developed during the course of the work are assigned to clients.

Industrial Design
For a golf cart manufacturer, developing a single-rider unit suitable for use by paraplegics, Keck-Craig provided body styling design services and prototype development. This vehicle offers a unique multi-positioned swivel seat for adjustment by the disabled in swinging a club or mounting the cart. It can be driven over fairways and greens without causing damage to the turf and will travel 36 holes on a single battery charge.

Product Development
Starting with a client’s patented concept, Keck-Craig developed a compact, disposable pulmonary resuscitator incorporating a compressible bladder coupled to a standard, inflatable facemask. When compressed, it occupies volume equal to a cigarette package. A quick opening feature allows immediate expansion for use in an emergency.

Machine Design
For a manufacturer of heart valve implants, Keck-Craig developed a totally new machine to precisely assemble valves with closure tolerances less than 0.002”. Unique clamping devices precluded valve distortion during assembly operations. Production rates increased tenfold.