Since 1951, Keck-Craig has been developing automation and building production machinery for high-speed assembly and packaging of consumer products, industrial equipment and medical devices. Many of these machines are used in production operations that have never been done before or assembly situations where extra high precision is required.

Services include concept development, detail design, fabrication of prototype models for testing and refinement, preparation of production drawings and final fabrication. All designs incorporate state-of-the-art technology plus full utilization of off-the-shelf components. Production machinery and industrial prototypes are engineered, fabricated and assembled in-house. Keck-Craig’s fabrication shop is on site, secure, convenient and confidential. High quality is assured by decades of experience.

Examples of machinery designed and built for clients are shown below. Click pictures for a larger view.

Staple Assembly Machine
Automated assembly of wire staple with insulator for use with high line transmission pole hardware.

Machine handles six sizes galvanized wire staples and two of plastic insulators at feed rates of 40–50 per minute.

Dosimeter Film Packaging
Automated cutting, calibration and packaging of dosimeter film for use in radiation sterilization.

Initial feed of 8” x 10” sheets of film is cut into 1 cm squares, fed through rotary indexing table for calibration and off loaded to feeder for insertion into 2” x 3” aluminum pouches at throughputs of 150 –180 per hour.


Quality Control Instrument
High Precision Rheometer to measure shear/creep characteristics of pressure-sensitive adhesives for Avery Dennison Research Laboratories.

Digital Foil Printing Press
Integrated printing machine combining electrostatic copying with direct feed to foil laminator for foil overlay on printed copy.

Production Alignment Tool
Precision alignment of optical path during assembly of scanner CCD units for Hewlett-Packard copiers. Flexure devices eliminate backlash and achieve alignment precision within ten millionths of an inch. Production is 1,000 per day.