Keck-Craig has a great deal of experience designing and developing products for sporting activities, entertainment and recreation. Many are in use on a professional basis, by coaches, schools and training institutions. Others are intended for consumer use on sandlot playing fields, swimming pools, and golf courses or in the home.

Design and engineering services are available from inception through production, including preparation of prototypes and samples. Full use of the Keck-Craig team provides you the benefits of a design studio, an engineering staff, a model shop, final design for production and follow-on production supervison. Examples of recent projects are outlined below:

Tennis Practice Machine
This ball-throwing mechanism incorporates patented counter-rotation principles to accelerate the tennis ball being served to the player. The ball container folds flush with the housing to make the unit portable and conveniently accessible to the tennis court. A rechargable battery provides the power.

Single Rider Golf Cart
For a golf cart manufacturer developing a new product for solo riders, Keck- Craig designed the body styling and developed the prototype. This lightweight, electrically powered vehicle can be driven over fairways and greens without causing damage to the turf. It will travel 36 holes on a single battery charge at speeds comparable to the standard two-person golf cart. The cart is unique in that it has a multi-position swivel seat such that disabled persons can make convenient adjustments to swing a golf club without dismounting from the cart.

Auto-Mounted Musical Instrument
The Carillon System involves a fleet of thirteen automobiles with a primary auto, “the Harpsicar”, feeding music to twelve “Note Cars” by means of a wireless transceiver system. Music is transmitted live with a musician playing at a keyboard console in the Harpsicar. Music is received and amplified in each Note Car by a sound system mounted on the roof of the car. The system had its debut in May, 2006 at the Spoletto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina.

Keck-Craig’s capabilities are organized to meet your needs. Whether it is full-service product development and engineering, industrial design and styling or prototyping for products already developed, we provide assistance as required.